Monday, June 27, 2016

360° with Honnold on the Needles

This is so much fun!
Explore The Needles from your computer screen by clicking and dragging around this 360° video.
Are you ready for your first free solo?


Monday, June 6, 2016

Staying away from bunions!

I am not so much of a boulderer as I am of a route climber. I really enjoy climbing long trad  multi-pitch alpine style. I prefer the adventure over the 12 foot boulder problem. But, sometimes it helps to boulder a bit in order to get that extra power. Bouldering skills are essential to the ones who seek progression. So this is the story of how I got in to bouldering. That's also the story of how I got my bunions... Thanks a lot for the bumps on my toes you: Boulder Gym!

The story is simple. I trained in a boulder gym about 3 times a week. If you boulder indoors,you might have realized what I didn't. Most climbers you will notice just walk around the whole time in their climbing shoes. I mean most of them wont take them off period. I did the same, because I am just as lazy as every one else! I didn't have a reason to take them off. Id rather tolerate the pain. After a few weeks of consistently doing that, I started developing a tailor's bunion on my left foot. The tailors bunion is the bump that appears on your baby toe. Most people get it on their big toes. I need to mention that I was also wearing an aggressive tight pair of  shoes which is definitely not the same as your casual slipper shoes. Thus, I still think no matter which type of shoes you might be wearing, it is still really healthy to pull'em off between every problem so you let your feet breath.

Now, if you already have a bunion which was created by your own climbing snicks here are a few tips:

First, I recommend using bigger shoes or even cutting holes out of the edges of the climbing shoes. Make sure there isn't any pressure on the bump or the skin.

Second, try ordering a bunion protector gel online. You can get them for super cheap. They help mostly when your not climbing. I wouldn't wear them while climbing, but they help overall.

Third, what a great timing to start training on the campus wall while your feet heal slowly. But make sure you stretch you're arms properly to stay away from tendinitis. Nothing is worse than a chain of climbing injuries one after the other.
For better results, try stretches like pulling your toe outwards whenever you can and keeping it for 30 seconds 4-5 times a day if possible. It sure helped me get stronger toes.
I also recommend to apply an ice-pack on the bunion especially at night. It wont alleviate the pain but it will help reduce swelling.

Hopefully you will be back to crushing in no time.

Vincent Kneeshaw