Monday, September 4, 2017

Adam Ondra Sends "Project Hard," possibly the first 5.15d.

Yesterday, on September 3rd Adam Ondra sent what would be the first 5.15d.
His route called ''Project Hard'' is found in the massive granite grotto of the Hanshelleren Cave, Flatanger, Norway.

The futuristic line is basically a 45 meter overhang linking a few of his previous routes in the cave all together.

It follows 20 meters of 5.13+ to a kneebar rest; then, a few meters of jug hauling lead to a 10-move V15... hahaha. Obviously, this is the crux involving upside-down toe-jamming and impossible fingerlocks on a hanging prow. Two more cruxes follow: one V13 and the other V9. 

Here is a little teaser video of him working the line back in May this year.
In this video, he links an adjacent 5.15b into the second crux of the project. 

Seriously though, this is just insane!!!
Cant wait for the full clip to come out!