Sunday, December 4, 2016

My trip to the greek paradise - Kalymnos

Arriving on the island
I didn’t have many expectations towards climbing in Greece. I surely didn’t think it was going to be as relaxing as it ended up being. For 20 euros a night, we found a luxurious studio by the sea, like all the other astounded rock-climbers. The accommodation also came with access to a nice roof-top pool. As if the sea wasn’t enough, our slice of paradise just happened to be located in front of what is probably the most photographed climbing crag in the world. We sat at the Grande Grotta’s feet.

On my third day, I was climbing a line that required my middle finger to pull through a perfectly shaped mono-pocket. As I thrusted myself upwards, I felt a sudden burn in my middle finger. My tendon had just ripped one of my pulleys.  Sadly that was it for projecting. On the other hand, I got to spend more time at the beach or walking around taking pictures. 

Climbers Hôtels and Studios
I discovered a welcoming Island with more climbing family’s than I had seen anywhere else. I took the time to appreciate every single sunset we were offered. By the way, the sunsets on Kalymnos are seriously mind-blowing. It feels like a dream, every time. We had a kitchen with some of the best olive oil. We cooked meals with a smile on our faces and ate the food like it was our last day on earth.

For me, Kalymnos is a lot more than climbing. It’s the land of blissfulness.
Here are a few pictures from the trip:
Panoramic view of Telmnos Island
Johanna Gagis-Pamula
Kristian Gagis
Roxanne Chenel
Roxanne nearing the Anchor
Daniel Norris

Roxanne Chenel
The view of the crags from the studios rooftop!
Me - Vincent
The famous grota
Here's a special thanks to the friends we made! (Daniel, Joanna, Kristian & Tadziu)
Vincent Kneeshaw