Friday, November 13, 2015

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2015

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2015 has come to an end!
This is Rad climbers review of the 40th edition.

Let’s start with the Grand Prize winner. Greg Kohs gets the honours with his movie; The Great Alone.
This documentary set in the frigidness of Alaska is about the inspiring comeback story of champion sled dog racer, Lance Mackey. 

“Good films are hard to make…but great films are nearly impossible…and often times they sneak up on you without warning,” said Cory Richards, a member of the 2015 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival film jury.

The Great Alone will carry you through an emotional journey where Lance's puts heart and soul into becoming the world’s greatest sled dog racer. It's unbelievable; the documentary also won a prize for best Exploration and Adventure film. It's definitely a must watch!

Now, another flick that really caught my eye was Sherpa! Directed by Jennifer Peedom, this documentary is about the amazing Sherpas who work with dedication on Mount Everest carrying supplies and risking their lives. It's the story of the most dangerous job in the world. The movie was shot by Climber/Artist & Rad Cinematographer Renan Ozturk!
It's touching for anyone having been or not to the sacred mountains of the Himalayas!

''Very likely the most majestic-looking industrial dispute documentary ever made, the icy blue environment an awe-inspiring backdrop for a film largely about employment conditions and workers rights.'' said Luke Buckmaster from the guardian.

The best Climbing film went to A Line across the Sky, directed by Peter Mortimer and Josh Lowell.
I had seen this film at the Reel Rock Tour in Montreal. It really blew my mind both times!
Tracing the iconic Fitz Roy skyline with its six satellite peaks, its 4 mile span and 13,000 feet, Alex and Tommy attempt the impossible! The pair completed the first ascent in a five-day push during February 2014. I mean what a rad pair of climbers!

The best film for Mountain Environment and Natural History went to Hadwin’s Judgement, directed by Sasha Snow. The film chronicles the tormented transformation of Grant Hadwin from expert logger to environmental terrorist, a man who dared to challenge the destruction of the world’s last great temperate rainforest. Hadwin’s one-man crusade culminated in a perverse and outrageous act of protest that was, in itself, a crime against nature.

Other rad movies were the hilarious showdown at horseshoe hell; the history of Overburden;,the emotional K2: Touching the Sky; The stunning pictures of Eclipse & the story of The Important Places.

If you haven't watched them all, then have a rest day!
Article by Vincent Kneeshaw at Rad Climbers

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