Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chris Sharma

This guy is who every rock-climber dreamed of! He was & probably still is the climbing community's biggest hero!
Chris Sharma has been the radest climbing star of this era.
The first top-quality climbing movies were Sharma movies.
He was the visionary that brought the first 9a+ (5.15) climb to this world and getting the first ascent of it! He also bolted the first 9b (5.15b) called la dura dura. Only Two people, being Adam Ondra & him, have climbed this grade!

Sharma was born on April 1981 in California. He is the perfect image of a true born Cali-Bum. Although you might think he is a bum. He is also known for his meditative and spiritual side. I even remember hearing him repeat ''Om Mani Pad-me Hum'' (Buddhist mantra) while achieving his climbs.
A good movie that portrays this aspect of Sharma, would be Pilgrimage. It's when he goes to India with Katie Brown & Nate gold For a Hampi bouldering trip.

So many great videos about this guy! Man what a hero!

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