Monday, November 23, 2015

Ten commandments

Meatgrinder is a sustained 5.9 climb. The first pitch features a mixture of hand and chimney moves that provide a preview of challenges to come. The second pitch has the two characteristics of a classic Yosemite crack pitch: burly and sustained. This pitch involves a variety of strenuous stems and jams with wide protection. The last pitch is rarely climbed.

This block was discovered when it was dislodged and fell out of the route back in 2011. Various hands have jammed this block. This was actually one of the few thank god bucket holds along the route.

Here are the ten commandments!

Thou shalt not put any other sport before climbing.

Thou shalt not bolt cracks, chip, glue or enhance the stone unto thee.

Thou shalt not take thy safety in vain.

Remember thy days are fleeting, to spend them climbing.

Honour thy elders and stone masters.

Thou shalt not severe thy rope.

Thou shalt not bail nor flake on thy partners.

Thou shalt not booty that which is ''not'' booyt.

Thou shalt not bear witness against thy own accomplishments.

Thou shalt not covet thy fellow climbers gear, abilitys nor failures.

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